Boon has 13 years experience working in audio for video games and films. He is the lead sound designer for skins on League of Legends, at Riot Games. Prior to that, Boon was the audio lead and director for the MMO shooter Firefall since 2010, responsible for all facets of the game's audio. Boon has also been the audio lead for several independent games, creating music and sound design for clients such as New Line Films, Novalogic, MTV, and ABC Family Channel.

Boon is experienced building, and growing small teams on large projects, as well as large, multi-disciplinary teams on complex assignments with tight deadlines. 

Boon has expertise with Wwise, Pro Tools, and a plethora of other audio tools. He is experienced in directing and recording dialog, field recording, designing sounds, and implementing game audio. He is collaborative, detail-oriented, and welcomes feedback. 


Selected projects

  • League of Legends (video game)
  • Firefall (video game)
  • Project K2 (unannounced video game)
  • Shadows (video game in development)
  • Bring It On Fight To The Finish (film)
  • The Prince And Me 2 (film)
  • Pick of Destiny (film)


  • boon.sim@gmail.com
  • (323) 839-4872